Strauss Industry

  • Project Description:

    The Strauss Group is the largest food and beverage company in Israel, producing a wide variety of products in several facilities around the country. Four divisions of Electra Paz supply Strauss with full fire protection engineering services, from the design and installation of fire protection systems to maintenance services for existing systems. We also designed, installed, and currently maintain Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) systems in the refrigeration rooms of Strauss’ Petah Tikva plant. These systems are installed over an area of 20,000m² and include a fire extinguishing pump and water tank. In the Safed plant, we delivered fire safety consulting services, and designed complex sprinkler systems and smoke control systems that utilize extraction fans over an area of 12,000m². In the Strauss plant in Karmiel, the teams installed a wet pipe sprinkler system that includes a fire extinguishing pump and water tank and servicing teams continue to provide ongoing maintenance.